Couldn’t say it better myself…

And unfortunately I can relate to nipple thrush too – hoping I can avoid that this time around!


I did it!

It was only a week ago that I was lamenting to my hubby, affectionately known as JG, that I hadn’t done it yet. In fact, I had gone for more than 21 months without doing it.

Doing what? Taking my daughter’s blood glucose level. Since she was two days old and had successfully managed three BGL’s over 3 mmol/l, I hadn’t known what her BGL was and quite frankly, I didn’t want to know! This had been such a feat after she was born – the cannula was removed from her tiny left hand, she started demand feeding – rather than using the colostrum I had diligently expressed for her from 34 weeks pregnant, and she was dressed in her own clothes.

But I got home from work the other day and she was whiney, tired, clingy, miserable and most notably, thirsty. She wanted milk, then water, then more milk… and she didn’t want to eat. We struggled through dinner and lethargically she announced that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. She didn’t want to have a bath or a shower – she normally wants five of these/day!

I got her ready for bed, all the while wondering if her BGL might be high. I told JG that I wanted to take it so that I could have peace of mind. He was happy and asked to be there with me – that was a relief! I told my little bear that I was going to test her BGL and take some blood from her heel. Thankfully she found this fascinating! And I have never before been more relieved to see a reading – 5.6.

I did it. And it was ok. Hopefully it’s at least another 21 months before I need to do it again.

ps – this is my first post – I also did this!